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Errors in MxManagementCenter can be a simple program configuration fix or they can indicate a larger system problem. Here's what to do:
  1. Take a screenshot of the error if you can (It may be easiest to use a mobile phone and take a picture of the screen).
  2. Send us the photo and explain any other symptoms you're seeing. You can either:
Software support often starts with a remote session to diagnose the exact issue. Click here to get set up for remote support.
Mobotix "cameras" are essentially IOT devices that go beyond simple visual surveillance. They have intelligent analytics functions built in that can provide exceptional value. By analyzing the field of view, motion, direction, sound and temperature can be automatically recorded, analyzed, reported and utilized to maximize your investment. Mobotix devices can automatically generate area traffic heat maps for your retail space, count entrances and exits through a gate or doorway, detect and discourage loitering and much more! Read more about capabilities for your industry here. Contact us to customize your existing Mobotix system and maximize your ROI today!
EyeOn uses a third-party program called TeamViewer for remote computer access and support. Remote access may be needed to configure your MxManagementCenter setup or to assist you in reviewing recorded video.
  1. Download and Install TeamViewer on the computer which you use to access MxManagementCenter.
  2. Open TeamViewer
  3. The program will display a one-time ID and Password. These change each time you open TeamViewer so each support session requires you to give support your updated ID and Password. (This keeps your computer secure because you'll always know if and when someone is logging into your computer.)
  4. When support is needed, call EyeOn (901-274-7777) and give the support technician your ID and Password to log in ... we'll take it from there!