Smart, scalable surveillance systems.

Mobile Surveillance USA


Safety, Security, Productivity: 3 Priorities for EVERY project

The presence of surveillance technology can be the difference between losing money on your next project or seeing unparalleled success.

Proactively protect against threats by strategically deploying camera technology equipped with audible and visual deterrence capability.


It Goes Beyond Deterrence, We Provide SUCCESS

Protect your ability to meet timelines and manage vendors and subcontractors. Utilizing our technology can improve processes and job site workflow, stopping vandalism and onsite crime before it happens. 

Our Tech is Uniquely Designed to Solve YOUR Problem

We know that every job site is different, so we specifically tailor our setup depending on the individual needs of the client. This is not a “copy and paste” procedure, but a uniquely chosen strategy to ward off thieves and wrongdoers BEFORE they have a chance to disrupt your hard work.

Our features include:

  • Hard wired lineup
  • Solar powered lineup
  • Solar trailers
  • Accessory add-ons and camera variations

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Our Mission

We know each business is unique, so our services are client driven thanks to our expert consultative approach. Each step of the process from the first inquiry to the last day of onsite surveillance is specifically designed to meet your needs thanks to our expert service and rigorous protection of your business or job site. But we do more than just offer quality surveillance, we are…

  • …passionate about helping our clients solve problems
  • …dedicated to keeping your business safe
  • …determined to solve productivity issues

It is our duty to ensure you succeed in your business or project. Whether it is helping you meet deadlines, increasing job safety, or improving client satisfaction, we offer unparalleled attention to detail to assist with your current or future projects.

Who We Are

Mobile Surveillance USA is a division of EyeOn Technology. Founded in 2009, we are a Memphis based company that provides countless businesses throughout the midsouth with the most prestigious advances in surveillance technology.

Dedicated to improving safety and increasing success for our clients, we offer unparalleled service for businesses who seek protection from perpetrators who might otherwise take advantage of their hard work and dedication.

But we provide more than just quality cameras. At Mobile Surveillance USA, our team of experts can solve even the most challenging issues for businesses, ranging from onsite theft to declines in productivity. 

Above all, we aim to restore peace of mind for both our customers and their clients, ensuring their projects experience the quality and protection they undoubtedly deserve.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you with your next project.

(901)334-6808 | 227 S McLean, Memphis, TN 38104