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We’ve been providing surveillance solutions for over a decade in the Mid-South. From video surveillance to access control and effective deterrence measures, put our deterrence to work for you!

IP Camera Networks

We support a wide range of operational requirements that include Perimeter Protection, Logistics Security and Audit, Facility Security and Management, Construction Safety, Industrial Process Monitoring, Retail Security and a wide range of Business Analytics capabilities.

Video Analytics

Advanced image processing algorithms can be used to count people and objects to determine their behavior providing valuable analytical insights to maximize retail operations – make informed decisions, control inventory, secure assets, account and reduce shrinkage

Secure Integration

We use best of breed technologies that are among the worlds most secure, increasing system security to ensure the protection of privacy and your data. EyeOn IP Camera solutions can be integrated within a full security management system.

Secure Systems

Securing your facilities, people and business

The rise in popularity for video surveillance and as part of safety, security, health and industrial process shows no sign of slowing down. As these elements start to become more vital there will be an increase in the risk of becoming a target for cyber-attack. IP Camera providers and end-users will need to become aware and extend more control over security as both a duty of care to the public and to meet future legal obligations. EyeOn Technologies use the best available systems with inherent security features as standard, we work with IP Camera product leaders to provide the securest systems available on the market today. We are actively working to build security into our systems at the earliest stages of design in order to deploy a robust and secure system for our clients.


* no licence video management systems available

About EyeOn Technologies

Since 2008 EyeOn has delivered market-leading IP Video consulting and installation services to a wide range of clients in Memphis and beyond. EyeOn’s operation is structured to provide the highest quality technologies that minimize downtime and reduce the costs associated with maintaining an effective IP Video capability.

We are experienced in providing intelligent solutions to support security and business operations management. In a rapidly changing technological environment it is essential that the solution you choose is cutting edge with as long a serviceable lifespan as possible. EyeOn also provides Business Operations Metrics and Management tools to maximize your ROI. This integration leverages the value and existing capability within your IP Video network and integrates specialist solutions from EyeOn.

Based out of Memphis, TN, we provide more than just security cameras – our team takes pride in solving the most demanding business and operational challenges for our clients. From preventing crimes before they happen, protecting against fires and other threats, enabling remote live surveillance feeds, EyeOn has the technology to safeguard and maintain your assets.

We can help you with all aspects of design, deployment and support of your IP camera system

  • Existing Systems Audit
  • Bespoke Design and Deployment
  • Intelligent Video Management Systems
  • On-Board, Local and Remote Data Backup
  • Networks, Servers, Storage, Routers and Switches
  • Remote System Monitoring and Support
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Maximum Serviceable Lifespan and *Extended Warranty
  • Training and Consulting
  • Solar Powered IP Camera Systems
  • Point-to-Point Wireless

Ask us about a VMS solution that adapts to your existing infrastructure and significantly reduces IT, hardware, and licensing costs.