Smart, scalable surveillance systems.

Point of Deterrence

Deterrence and visibility engineered into a rugged, customizable and attractive platform.

The EyeOn PoD© is a uniquely designed camera platform and deterrence package.


Protect your family, neighborhood and belongings.

Communicate active presence and unity in your community with light and customized PoD body design. Promote a sense of community security and deter criminal activity.


Simple and fast cloud access to your video from anywhere.

Each PoD is customized to your preferences and added into our cloud platform for easy, secure access from any web-connected device.


Access your PoD now.

Sign into your EyeOn PoD© cloud platform to access your video or contact us to inquire about getting your own EyeOn PoD©.


Simple, intuitive user interface

Cloud access through your web browser, anywhere

Always-on availability, anytime

Review and export recordings with ease

Custom notifications for irregular activity

No special viewing software or hardware needed


The EyeOn PoD© can be branded with a custom wrap, presenting a unified identity across your locale. The wrap is completely custom. It can be entire your own branding, or include sponsorships.

Choose what you see. There are several camera and visibility options available, each designed to customize visibility, level of detail, audio and analytics needs. We’ll walk you through the options to meet your specific needs.

EyeOn PoD©

The EyeOn PoD© (Point of Deterrence) is a patent-pending and proprietary Camera & Lighting System, integrating:

  • Military spec computing components
  • Commercial grade, ONVIF-compliant cameras
  • Wireless communication hardware
  • Evidence quality audio capture

The EyeOn PoD© is customizable to environmental and aesthetic needs and to particular application requirements. Authorized access to encrypted video is available through a scaleable, hybrid cloud VMS (video management system). Coupled with The EyeOn PoV© (Point of Visibility), a community is empowered to proactively respond to events as they occur.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Anthony J. D’Angelo,

It is a  statement of class, stability and unity in space full tacky boxes and lights slapped on poles in fear and hysteria.

The PoD’s non-obnoxious light calls attention to itself as an authoritative presence providing deterrence and safety. German engineered, cameras provide superior image quality along with elite durability and intelligent deterrence and notification features.

EyeOn Technologies

Established 2009

Based in Midtown Memphis

Servicing Mid-south Region

100+ commercial installs